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Linda S. Buchanan, M.Ed.  
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Services & Fees
  • Testing re: student's chief learning modality a report and a conference to describe how his strengths can be utilized by the teacher and his parents to encourage productive study skills. $150.00 fee


  • Initial Consultation Interview to review student's school history, records and evaluations - parents specify their concerns and why they need the extra services - consultant gathers information re: home environment; child's daily activities & interests and ultimately determines what services she can provide or to refer the client to another professional. $75.00 fee


  • Customized Tutoring utilizing student's schoolwork as base - student learns study skills & learning strategies customized to her chief learning style and personal interests. $65.00 per hour fee


  • Attending School Conferences; consultation meetings with student's teacher, meeting regarding referral, certification or planning for student with special needs [with school personnel]. This fee also applies to Parent Conferences. $50.00 per hour fee


  • School Observation - when a student is not making progress in school and parents have inquired with the teacher and the principal, the parents will often commission a private consultant to pursue the ideology of the student's problem. A school observation is not always necessary; it is imperative, however, when there is some indication that the student's lack of progress may be due to ADD or ADHD. $50.00 per hour fee


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